July 18, 2018

Inter-Graduate School Class:Environmental Chemicals and Human Health

We are pleased to announce an intensive course “Environmental Chemicals and Human Health” will be organized on coming 29-30 November, 2018.
This is an English course with 1 credit.
This course is joint organized with faculty member from Seoul National
University, Graduate School of Public Health and Mahidol University, Department of Social and Environmental Medicine.

Graduate students from all schools in Hokkaido University are welcome to
join the course.
Once you registered for the course, we will assign you to a team to do collaborative work with students from Seoul National University and Mahidol University for presentation at the course.
For those who wish to take the course, please contact us by 12 October.

You can simply send us an e-mail for inquery.
A Araki (faculty):
K Yamazaki (faculty):
M Abe (secretary):

We very much look forward to your participation in this course.