Message from the Director

We humans live our lives interacting with our environment every day. Humans are the part of the ecosystem with the other creatures, and we all live in the midst of the rapid and global environmental changes.

Understanding the complex linkages between nature and humans, and social environment is a key when dealing with environmental and health issues. In other words, we should learn from history that social environments greatly affected natural environments, one example being pollution diseases.Also we have come to realize that living environments, such as food, housing, transport and the urban planning, have growing impacts on our health. While our life style affects our well-being, our life style is heavily affected by our work patterns and socio-economic factors.

We are aware of the big influence of social and environmental factors as poverty and aging on public health. The worlds is also facing increasing challenges of environment and health hazards ranging from ozone layer destruction, global warming, emerging infectious diseases and chemical pollution, that require global efforts to manage and find the solutions.

In the modern world, the environment has considerable impact on our well-being, and it could trigger health problems to the people of all ages. Therefore it is essential to study natural environment and social structure from broad perspectives, and we believe it is highly significant that the Center for Environmental and Health Sciences is founded in Hokkaido University which offers the university-wide programs to advance sustainability as its critical mission.

“Japan Environment & Children’s Study (JECS)”, funded by Ministry of Environment, is one of our core projects and is a collaboration between Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Health Sciences; Sapporo Medical University; Asahikawa Medical University; and The Japan Red Cross of Hokkaido University of Nursing. “The Hokkaido Study of Environment and Chidren’s Health”, co-granted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, is another pioneering project. In addition to the above, we conduct various research projects to address the linkages between natural and social environments and public health. Please check “Research projects” on this web site for the further information.

We continue to expand our studies on “Environment and Health” and outreach our activities to the public, by collaborating with the other institutions. Also, we will work with the graduate education to promote the advanced researches on environment and health. We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation for our efforts to improve the quality of human life, and to contribute to the further development of Hokkaido University.

For inquiries, please contact Takeshi Saito, the Director of the Center for Environmental and Health Sciences at +81-11- 706-4746 or


Katsuhiko Ogasawara, PhD

Professor and Director,

Center for Environmental and Health Sciences