June 12, 2020

Job Opportunities -Specially Appointed Professor/Specially Appointed Associate Professor-

  1. Position Opening

(1)Affiliation : Hokkaido University Center for Environmental and Health Sciences

(2)Position : Specially Appointed Professor/Specially Appointed Associate Professor

(Determined in consideration of work experience etc.)

(3)Working Form : Full time (fixed term)/ Discretionary labor system for professional work (The working hours for a day is deemed as 7 hours and 45 minutes.)

  • The contract period is until March 31, 2021. One-year renewable contract up to the end of March 2025 (FY2020〜 FY2024)(depending upon performance evaluation)

(4)Number of Post : Two posts

(5)Research Field : Environmental Health Sciences, Environmental health ,Environmental Epidemiology

(6)Job Description : In addition to promoting the birth cohort studies, which are the main research projects of the center, and the basis of WHOCC activities, the successful candidate will be in charge of the following tasks that s.

(1) Development of international joint research platform

(2) Promotion of international collaborative researches

(3) Social implementation of knowledge through collaboration with WHO, etc.

(4) Work related to function enhancement of the human development, such as accepting international students and researchers and development of “International Environmental Health Science Diploma” program

  1. Qualifications

(1) Doctoral degree or Ph.D.

(2) Experiences in cooperation with WHO and/or international collaborations

(3) Advanced knowledge of processing birth cohort and/or environmental health researches with outstanding accomplishments and achievements.

(4) Ability to undertake administrative tasks of the center

(5) Ability to give lectures and practices in the graduate courses in English

(6) Japanese communication skill (To conduct population cohort)


  1. Application Deadline: July 15th (Wed.), 2020 (JST) The deadline must be strictly observed.


  1. Name of Recruiting Institution: National University Corporation Hokkaido University


  1. Commitment Date (scheduled): October 1, 2020


  1. Probation Period: The probation period is one month.


  1. Salary: Annual Salary System

The salary will be determined in accordance with the regulations of Hokkaido University.

  1. Health insurance and Pension

・The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association

・Employee Pension

・Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance


  1. Application Materials

Please use prescribed format for (1) and (2) (Download)

  • Curriculum Vitae with an attached photo taken within six months (Include your email address in the contact information)

* Applicant who has been employed by Hokkaido University from April 1, 2013 (any position, including part-time lecture, TA, TF, RA and short-term support assistant, etc.) should provide full details of your employment history.

  • List of achievement (scientific manuscripts, books, textbooks, teaching materials, patent, research funds, etc.)
    • Regarding the past major books and academic papers, if the applicant is a corresponding author, mark * after the name.
  • Summary of the past academic and research activities and working experiences within 1000 words (in English).
  • Full copes of major publications (maximum 5 papers)
  • Self -Recommendation letter within 1000 words (in English)
  • Statement of research and education goals upon appointment within 1000 words (in English)
  • Recommendation letters from two references for the applicant, showing his/her name, institution, position, telephone number, and e-mail address


  1. Application Submission

The documents above should be sent to the following address:

To Prof. Katsuhiko Ogasawara, Director,
Center for Environmental Health Sciences, Hokkaido University,

Kita 12, Nishi 7, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0812, Japan

  • Inquiry :
  • Please write in red on the surface of the envelope “Specially-appointed faculty application documents” and send it by registered mail.
  • If you bring your own documents, we accept them during the hours from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Weekdays (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.)
  • The documents once submitted will not be returned.
  • Personal information will be exclusively used for the screening.



Please note that an interview may be conducted if necessary. In that event, the applicant is responsible for any travel expenses. No transportation fee is paid in case of an interview.

At Hokkaido University, we are actively promoting both education and research activities while relying on diverse human resources and gender equality. Therefore, we explicitly invite women qualified in research field to apply. We are also actively supporting a satisfying work-life-balance and are thus creating ideal environments for people to reach their full potentials.


The Hokkaido University Center for Environmental and Health Sciences was established as a university-wide communal education and research facility. The main research projects are large-scale birth cohort studies “Japan Environment and Children’s Study” by the Ministry of the Environment, and the Hokkaido Study on Environment and Children’s Health. We have been working on exposure measures such as environmental chemicals and biomonitoring, radio frequency wave, as well as social environment. Follow up of children’s health outcomes include birth outcomes, growth, development, asthma and allergies, puberty, and goals are to prevent diseases at later age. CEHS was re-designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health and Prevention of Chemical Hazards. It works closely with WHO/WPRO (the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office) to prevent health hazards caused by exposure to environmental chemicals.