Oct. 10, 2023

Inter-Graduate School Class:Environmental Chemicals and Human Health

We are pleased to announce three full days of intensive course “Environmental Chemicals and Human Health” will be organized on coming 9-11 November 2023.
This is an English course with 1 credit.
This course is jointly organized with faculty members from Seoul National
University(SNU) and Graduate School of Public Health and Mahidol University(MU), Department of Social and Environmental Medicine.

Graduate students from all schools at Hokkaido University are welcome to join the course.
Once you registered for the course, we will assign you to a team to do collaborative work with students from SNU and MU for presentation at the course.
For those who wish to take the course, please contact us by 6th October 2023.

Environmental Chemicals and Human Health

Duration: Thursday, 9, November- Saturday, 11, November 2023
 ※3 full days intensive course
Venue: School of Medicine Centennial Hall, Hokkaido University
Contents: Lectures, Group Work, Presentation, and Study visit
Credt:  1
Course#:  101072

You can simply send us an e-mail for an inquiry.
Atsuko Ikeda (faculty):
Rahel Mesfin Ketema (faculty):

We very much look forward to your participation in this course.



申請締切:  2023年10月6日(金) 締め切りました
Deadline: 6th Oct 2023 The deadline has passed

◆◆Program◆◆ tentative

Day 1: Thursday 9 November 2023

Class# Time: Topic Speaker/Responsibility
1 9:00-9:50  Opening remarks, self-introduction  Prof. Atsuko Ikeda, HU 
2 10:00-10:50  Indoor Air Quality Study  Dr. Yu Ait Bamai, HU
3 11:0011:50  Assessment of Chemical Exposure in Daily Life – Some Interesting Examples  Prof. Chung Sik Yoon, SNU 
  11:50-13:00 Lunch  
4 13:00-13:50 Air Pollution and Health Impacts in Thailand  Prof. Krichat Tantrakarnapa, MU
5 14:00-14:50  Environmental Microplastics and Health  Dr. Rahel Mesfin Ketema, HU
6 15:00-15:50   Key principles of biomonitoring and its application to human exposure assessment of environmental chemicals Prof. Sungkyoon Kim, SNU
7 16:00-18:00  group work: preparation for presentation 

Prof. Atsuko Ikeda, HU 

Dr. Rahel Mesfin Ketema, HU 


Day 2: Friday 10 November 2023 

Class# Time: Topic Speaker/Responsibility
9 9:00-9:50  Introduction of the birth cohort and latest findings: the Hokkaido Study  Dr. Keiko Yamazaki, HU 
10 10:00-10:50 

Exposure to chemical mixtures  

– Backgrounds and challenges 

Prof. Kyungho Choi, SNU
11 11:00-11:50  Evidence based chemical management in Korea  Prof. Kiyoung Lee, SNU
  11:50-13:00 Lunch   
  13:00-14:00 group work: preparation for presentation 

Prof. Atsuko Ikeda, HU 

Dr. Rahel Mesfin Ketema, HU

  14:00-16:30  group presentations (25 min x 6 groups) 

Prof. Atsuko Ikeda, HU 

Dr. Rahel Mesfin Ketema, HU 

  16:40-17:00  Group photo, Award, Wrap-up, Closing  Prof. Atsuko Ikeda, HU 


Day 3: Saturday 11 November 2023  

Time: Topic
8:30  Lv. Hokkaido University 

JFE Recycle Plaza Tomakomai 


Lunch at Tomakomai Uminoekipuratto 

13:30-  Lv. Tomakomai 
14:00-15:30  Lake Shikotsu
15:30-  Lv. Lake Shikotsu 
16:30  Ar. Hokkaido University 



Hokkaido University (HU): Atsuko Ikeda, Yu Ait Bamai, Keiko Yamazaki, Rahel Mesfin Ketema 

Seoul National University (SNU): Chung Sik Yoon, Kiyong Lee, Kyungho Choi, Sungkyoon Kim 

Mahidol University (MU): Kraichat Tantrakarnapa, Wisanupong Kliengchuay