June 27, 2023

Indigenous Health International Workshop (HU-UoM)山内センター長が登壇します


この度、両学の共通関心でもある先住民研究に係り、「北海道大学・メルボルン大学 先住民研究に係るワークショップ」を開催することとなり、当センターからは山内太郎センター長が登壇いたします。

Prof. Taro Yamauchi, Director of our Center, gives a lecture on the Hokkaido University – the University of Melbourne International Workshop.

Hokkaido University – University of Melbourne International Workshop
Indigenous Health
Exploring Perspectives, Well-being, and Community-based Approaches

Date and Time: June 29, 2023, 9:00-12:30

Venue: Centennial Hall, Hokkaido University

Co-organized by:
Hokkaido University, Global Station for Indigenous Studies and Cultural Diversity (GSI)
University of Melbourne, Indigenous Knowledge Institute
Hokkaido University, Faculty of Health Sciences

Collaboration with:
Hokkaido University, Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies
Hokkaido University, Center for Environmental and Health Sciences

Excerpt from the program:
9:55-10:20 Prof. Taro Yamauchi
“Food Security and Nutrition” Nutritional status, dietary intake, and physical activity of rural villagers in contrasting ecological zones in Southern Zambia