June 01, 2022

June 17th, CEHS International Scientific Seminar (6/17(金)研究交流セミナーのお知らせ)

We are pleased to invite Dr. Hien TT NGO from TangLong University (Vietnam) for a Scientific seminar.
TangLong大学(ベトナム)より、Hien TT NGO先生をお招きし、International Scientific Seminarを開催いたします。

Date: June 17, 2022, Friday
Venue: The 1st Mid-Campus Open, Refresh Room
   中央キャンパス総合研究棟1号館 リフレッシュルーム

Theme: E-waste and environmental chemicals

Timetable :


Topic Speaker
14:30-14:40 Opening remarks  
14:40-14:55 Introduction of CEHS and results of POPs Chihiro Miyashita,CEHS
15:00-15:20 The findings of heavy metal exposure from informal e-waste processing area in Vietnam Hien TT Ngo,
ThangLong University
15:30-15:50 Exposure assessments and their findings from the Hokkaido Study Yu Ait Bamai, CEHS
15:50-16:00 Discussion  


►pre-order necessary, no charge for admission

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