Atsuko ARAKI


1. Research Interests

Public Health, Epidemiology, Indoor Air Quality, Complementally and Alternative Medicine (Aromatherapy)

2. Birthplace

Tokyo, Japan

3. Education

2008 – 2011
PhD in public health sciences and epidemiology
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine,
Department of Public Health Sciences

2006 – 2008
Master of Medical Sciences, graduated top of the class,
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine,
Department of Public Health Sciences

1988 – 1992
Bachelor of Engineering Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology,
Department of Biological Science and Technology

4. Experience in Epidemiological Studies

2011 – present
the Hokkaido Study of Environment and Children’s Health (Birth Cohort)

2010 – present
Hokkaido Unit Center of Japan Environment and Children Study (JECS)

2005 – present
Multi-center study of Indoor Air Quality on Inhabitants Health
(Prospective survey, Population-based survey, Cross-sectional)

2007 – 2009
A pilot study of Aromatherapy benefits for patients with idiopathic
environmental intolerance (Randomized cross-control intervention study)

5. Employment History

(CEHS: Center for Environmental and Health Sciences)

2014 –
Assosiate Professor, Hokkaido University CEHS

2012 – 2014
Lecturer, Hokkaido University CEHS

2011 – 2012
Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University CEHS

2010 – 2011
Research Assistant, Hokkaido University CEHS

2003 –
Aromatherapy Instructor (free lance)

1992 – 2000
Coordinator and Research Technician, Banyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Tsukuba Research Institute

6. Training

NIVA Education: Indoor Air Quality-Links with Health, Environmental Perception and Productivity (12-16 October 2009, Uppsala, Sweden)

7. Scholarship and Awards

2016 Hokkaido University WinGS Global networking Award 2016
2011 Award of Hokkaido Society of Public Health
2011 Ohtsuka Award Hokkaido University
2009 Otowa Hirotsugu Foundation Scholarship for Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine

8. Scientific Society

  • International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
  • International Society of Exposure Science
  • Japanese Society of Hygiene
  • Japan Society for Occupational Health
  • Architectural Institute of Japan
  • Society of Indoor Environment, Japan
  • Hokkaido Society of Public Health

9. Other activities

  • Member International Federation of Aromatherapists, ITEC diploma in aromatherapy
  • Qualified Aromatherapy Instructor of Aroma Environment Association of Japan

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