Travel Awards

Travel Awards Application is now closed

Instruction to receive your travel award - for Travel Awards Winner -

Come to the Registration desk on June 27th, Mon at 18:00

(Please note that the room has shanged!)

Please bring the following documents.

 A copy of the notification email from Travel Awards Committee (amount shown)
 Receipt of hotel payment and airfare
 Your passport

*You will receive all amount in JPY as cash.

*Cancellations or no-shows will not receive a travel award.

Please let us know by June 23rd if you are unable to receive the awards on June 27th, Mon at 18:00. Otherwise we will consider as no-shows.


 Applicants must be a current student or who have completed his/her terminal degree within 5 years.
 All the applicants must submit application form signed by his/her supervisor.
 Incomplete applications will not be considered for support.

Awards Committee

All the application forms will be reviewed by the Travel Awards Committee.